Mick Foley Talks About Samoa Joe Possibly Joining WWE

Add WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley to the list of people pushing for WWE to sign Samoa Joe, who parted ways with TNA this week. Foley posted the following message on Facebook earlier today:


I’d love to see it. A proven commodity given a new surrounding, and possibly a new look could be good for both Joe and ?#?WWE?. I remember running into Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – WWE in an airport in 2004, and mentioning I was on the way to a ?#?RingOfHonor? show. Triple H went out of his way to say that he’d heard that Samoa Joe was a “hell of a worker”. Hopefully Joe will get a chance to show WWE just how impressive he can be in person.

Do you see Joe fitting in with WWE? If so, how? Maybe as a potential Paul Heyman guy?

As noted earlier, Paul Heyman also took notice of Joe’s announcement on Twitter –

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