Mikey Whipwreck Talks Paul Heyman's Current WWE Run, Roman Reigns & More

The following are highlights of a new Pro Wrestling Illustrated interview with former ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck:

On still wrestling at age 41: “I feel it before I even get through the curtain. But they say it about ‘Taker, too. On a much, much smaller scale, they say I’m like Yoda. I can barely move. But when the music hits and it’s time to go to the ring, something just clicks in the brain. The adrenaline kicks in. The endorphins kick in . . . Some of the bumps hurt more than they used to. I took a tackle bump last month and it was like I got hit by a damn bus. But then I take a sidewalk slam or something big off the top rope, and it’s fine.”

On Roman Reigns: “He doesn’t have the experience that the other guys have. And he doesn’t know how to protect himself—not physically, but protect his character and how it comes across. He also doesn’t have the stroke to put his own spin on his character. I’ve heard him talk and do interviews, not on TV, but candid interviews. He’s very well-spoken. He’s really good. I just think when he was in The Shield and got over, he didn’t really talk. He was the ass-kicker. Now you have him out here talking and kind of trying to be like John Cena. And there’s nothing wrong with John Cena, but he’s very polarizing. You’ve got the guys that hate him and the kind and girls who love him. And that’s the kind of boat you’re going to get in with Roman Reigns. The smart people see he’s just not ready yet. They didn’t get him over. He was picked.”

On his career highlights: “The part now that everybody talks about is, ‘You pinned Steve Austin.’ That’s what I get. Yeah, being champion was cool. For me, at the time, it was mind-blowing. I though tit was the greatest thing over. But I pinned Steve Austin. That’s the one that really did it.”

On Paul Heyman’s current run in WWE: “I love it . . . When he comes on, it seems legit, like he’s really talking the truth. Yes, he’s in a wrestling character. But it really seems like he’s head and shoulders above everybody else. It’s super entertaining . . . It almost exposes everybody else. He’s pretty much had this same character since nineteen eighty-whatever. And he’s had a chance to master it. He’s just super good at it. He just takes his real personality and amps it up. And that’s what everybody says to do. You take a guy like Roman Reigns’ real personality—nobody knows what it is. So we don’t know what they’re amping up.”

On his relationship with Paul Heyman: “Without Paul Heyman, there’d be no me. Did he lie to me? Did he ever screw me over? No. Did the company owe me money? Yes. But, I knew we weren’t getting paid, and I made the decision to go to work every day. When I needed a break physically and I wanted to make some money and I went to WCW, he didn’t give me his blessing in WCW. But when I was fed up in WCW, he brought me back and gave me a really decent push after I was back a couple months with the Network and Tajiri. So what can I say? The guys what really hate him and still bury him and complain, it’s like, ‘It was 15 years ago. Get over it.”

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