Reby Hardy Continues to Go Off on Impact; Bully Ray Almost Debuted in WWE

– In an article with Sports Illustrated, Bully Ray claimed that his ‘Bully Ray’ character was almost ready to debut on WWE in the summer of 2016 but the idea was scrapped at the last minute.

“We came one day away in August from debuting Bully Ray in WWE. At the last second, the decision was made to not go forward with it. Bully Ray was ready to go, but that’s all I can tell you. We were one day away, and they had to pull the plug on it.”

— Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Hardy, continues to go off on Impact Wrestling due to the promotion sending a cease & desist letter to her husband. Some of Reby’s latest tweets are below. Matt Hardy commented on Reby’s tweets:

“I love my wife, Queen Rebecca. If you’re loyal & faithful to her, she’d die for you. If you cross & betray her, she will massacre you.”