Sean Waltman On Concussions In Wrestling, WWE Leading The Way & More

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently spoke with the folks at Title Match Wrestling about the issue of concussions in sports. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On concussions and how wrestlers are just now fully realizing what they are:

“Once you learn about it and learn what a concussion really is, you go ‘f–k, I didn’t even know I had one.’ There might be some people, like climate change deniers, like CTE denial going on out there. It’s always been there. It’s not a new thing, we’re just learning it.”

On how wrestlers might not have fully known about CTE, but did know they were getting into a physical business:

“When you sign up for this job, you have to realize that these are the risks. We didn’t know about CTE when I signed on. I was well aware that if you hit me in the head with a f–king steel chair and I don’t put my hands up, it’s going to cause damage. We just have to be mindful from now into the future.”

On WWE and NXT being forward-thinkers when it comes to the way they handle concussions:

“Guys are wearing headgear now when they’re taking bumps. Should have been doing it for years. Anybody who is a legitimate wrestling school, should be using headgear when they’re taking bumps. Invest in it. It’s not being a p—y. There’s no badge of valor because you went through training without wearing head gear. Nobody does it but WWE, and you all need to.”

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