Titus O'Neal Dating Reality TV Star, Mick Foley Critiques RAW

– People.com reports that WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil is dating reality TV star Omarosa Manigualt (“The Apprentice”). The report notes that this is Omarosa’s first relationship since her fiancee [actor] Michael Clarke Duncan passed away last year.

– After reading negative feedback to Monday’s RAW, Mick Foley posted the following message on his Facebook page:


I noticed that there was some negative feedback concerning last night’s Raw – some people feel like the Triple H/Orton/Shield faction has assumed too much power, too soon. But let me ask you this: how many of you found yourselves talking to your TV screen..actually TALKING to your TV screens, saying things like “no, Big Show, don’t do it!” I know I was..and I don’t talk to my screen all that often.

The look in Show’s eyes after he KO’s Daniel Bryan was just heartbreaking. I believe he, along with Daniel, Punk and Heyman, are all embarking on some pretty deep trips into the human mind. I don’t know where these trips will lead, or what they’ll find when they get there, but my guess is it’s going to make for some captivating television.”

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