Trish Stratus Speaks On If She Still Watches WWE, More

Trish Stratus says she’s still satisfied with her decision to retire from wrestling in September 2006. The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke with about receiving the “Iron” Mike Mazurki Award and talked about finishing her WWE career.

“It think takes a certain braveness or courage to step away when you’re on top and just confidently walk away knowing that ‘I’m satisfied with what I did’ and I’m ready to start the next chapter,” Stratus admitted. “And I haven’t looked back.”

Stratus revealed that she still keeps tabs on what’s going on in the WWE Universe. She says she still watches RAW and Total Divas every now and then.

“You forget this crazy, whirlwind that you created and the impact that it left because you do remove yourself a little bit from it,” she said. “I still watch Raw, I tune into Total Divas once in a while so I’m connected to it, but I’m out of it (at the same time).”

“I still get fan mail and I still get letters,” she added. “You forget the worldwide reach of WWE.”

You can read her entire interview here.

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