Video: Goldberg Addresses Brock Lesnar's Recent Video Calling Him Out

While at an appearance in Germany this week, former WWE and WCW Superstar Bill Goldberg responded to Brock Lesnar’s video calling him out by calling “The Beast Incarnate” out right back.

Goldberg appeared at the Gamescon event in Cologne, Germany to promote WWE 2K17, which he is included in this year as a special bonus character. According to “Da Man,” WWE should have put him on the cover of the video game because “he killed the guy that’s on the cover.”

Although he wouldn’t say too much to get fans hopes up, he did offer the local crowd in Cologne the default “never say never” line after a “please come back” chant broke out.

He did, however, talk specifically about a potential match against Lesnar, admitting that there first showdown at WrestleMania 20 wasn’t the best catch-as-catch-can classic you’ll ever see. He went on to say that Lesnar knows how much strength he has from the first time they met before sharing his belief that he could give Lesnar a better run for his money in the ring than anyone else in WWE right now.

Goldberg is scheduled to be in New York City for SummerSlam weekend this weekend, as he will be representing 2K Sports at some appearances to help promote the WWE 2K17 video game.

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