Vince McMahon Announces New RAW & SmackDown Commissioners

Vince McMahon made his return to WWE television on Monday Night RAW when he revealed the new commissioners for both SmackDown and RAW. Vince came out to the ring for the final segment of RAW to announce that Shane will run SmackDown and Stephanie will run RAW, and that he wants them to compete “for real.”

Vince joined Stephanie and Shane in the ring to say that he was a little disappointed in both of them, as if neither of them came from his loins. He named Shane as SmackDown commissioner and Stephanie as RAW commissioner, and said they need to compete with ruthless aggression in ratings, ticket sales, and merchandise sales. He said whoever does a better job on their show will inherit the keys to his kingdom.

The WWE Chairman also revealed that on next Monday’s RAW, Shane and Stephanie must both pick a General Manager to help them run their shows. Vince said that if they don’t pick one next week, he’ll pick one for them.

SmackDown goes live on Tuesday nights on the USA Network starting next week on July 19th.

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