WWE Stars Defend Jericho's "Back Of The Bus Boys" Comment About The Usos

When Chris Jericho referred to The Usos as his “back-of-the-bus boys” during his returning Highlight Reel segment on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, several fans expressed their outrage at what they assumed was Jericho making a racist reference on live television in such a casual manner.

On Tuesday, several of Jericho’s WWE Superstar buddies came to his defense and explained what the true meaning behind the comment was.

Apparently, there are two types of traveling WWE Superstars — the back of the bus boys and the up-front boys. The back of the bus boys refers to those who sit in the back and stay awake all night to play cards, while the up-front boys are those who sit in the front and go to sleep.

As seen below, several WWE Superstars were quick to vouch for the fact that Jericho’s comments were in no way racist at all, and were in fact actually comments that subtly referenced the fact that he and The Usos were friends.

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