Batista & Shelly Martinez Bury The Hatchet, Former WWE Diva Joins Twitter

— Former WWE performers Shelly Martinez (a/k/a Ariel) and Batista buried the hatchet today on Twitter regarding a backstage altercation that took place in May 2007, which led to her sudden departure from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Martinez wrote “truce” to the former WWE Champion, to which he replied, “That business brings out the worst in people…..truce.”

She responded, “Thank u I feel soooo at peace now I had a dream u & I were talking & the peace I felt in the dream is now my reality.” Batista added, “I’m soooooo at peace since I left that hoooostile ass enviroment!”

Martinez revealed recently on Twitter that she had a dream a few months ago where she and Batista had made peace.

She wrote last week, “I actually had a dream a few months back that Batista and I were talking and we were totally getting along. That’s where my heart is.”

Martinez discusses the circumstances behind the incident as well as the dream she had in her newly released DVD, Girl Talk with Shelly Martinez (available here).

— Former WWE Diva Sharmell has launched a Twitter account via She says husband Booker T has a new project in the works called “Booker’s Biggest Loser.”

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