Daniel Bryan Speaks On His Beard, Origins Of Yes/No Chants, SummerSlam

The following are highlights from part two of the Daniel Bryan interview with the official DirecTV website:

On his beard: “Yea its bizarre because I will go signings and people will ask me when I’m going to shave my beard because they hate it. But it’s funny because I’ve become more popular since I’ve had the beard. My friend Christopher Daniels told me years ago that I am a slave to my whims. It was last year I just said I wasn’t going to shave for a bit and it just kept growing. Now I’m at a point where I don’t think I can shave it. It’s just part of the fun now.”

On the origins of the Yes/No chants: “It was originally a take-off of UFC fighter Diego Sanchez because he was all about positivity and would just chant “Yes! Yes!” I always loved that and it was just something I started doing when I won the World Heavyweight Championship. I was very excited and I just started doing it. Then it just started to catch on. I remember the first time I noticed, we had done a RAW in Seattle and people were chanting “Yes!” and I thought it was because I was from Washington State but then it erupted at WrestleMania 28. It just happened organically.”

On on past SummerSlam matches he’s enjoyed: “Summer Slam ’96 with Shawn Michaels vs. Vader. Vader was so cool with that mask. I was literally excited for that match a month before it happened. One of my favorite moments for myself for SummerSlam was in 2010 when they brought me back for the main event and last year’s SummerSlam when I wrestled Kane. It was just cool and surreal to be in the ring with Kane and winning the match. My friends couldn’t believe I was wrestling Kane.”

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