Evan Bourne Neck Injury Update, Audio Of The Jarrett-Karen Angle Accusation

— Evan Bourne has posted a message on his WWE Universe blog stating that he was kept off last night’s Raw to continue healing his sore neck. The injury was originally sustained last week in his match against the Big Show. He did however wrestle at last night’s TV taping in a match against Jamie Noble that will air on on Thursday’s Superstars. Bourne says his neck was “hurting for a few days” after the Big Show speared him hard into the mat during their singles match. Bourne purposely landed on his neck to sell the move, which turned out to be a bad idea. “I’ve recovered quite a bit and I should be back to 100 percent soon,” Bourne said. “My neck is fine, but I was certainly hurting for a few days.” Bourne also posted a picture of his new t-shirt, which you can see at Fans.WWE.com.

— Last week, a man who described himself as “someone who works on the Universal lot with TNA” called into Bubba The Love Sponge’s satellite radio show and claimed that Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen is now living with TNA founder Jeff Jarrett. An audio clip of that segment has been posted online and can be heard at YouTube.com. The caller requested that his voice be distorted for his protection. Several reliable sources have reported that TNA President Dixie Carter has sent Jeff Jarrett home as a result of the rumored relationship.

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