Ex-Diva Thinks John Morrison Isn't Getting A Push Due To "Outside Complications"

Former WWE Divas Maria Kanellis and Lilian Garcia hosted the first edition of their post-Raw show for AfterBuzzTV.com last Monday night (streaming live every Monday night immediately following Raw at http://www.ustream.tv/afterbuzztv). Highlights from the broadcast are as follows:

* Last week’s Raw kicked off with Drew McIntyre competing in his first singles match on WWE’s flagship program in several months, against Randy Orton. The hosts pondered why the Scottish wrestler is not receiving a greater push considering that he possesses extraordinary talent.

Maria cryptically says, “I have a feeling he’s paid for someone else’s sins, problems, because Drew’s really good. I’d love to see him do more stuff, but it’s unfortunate that that happens.”

Another WWE Superstar in the same precarious situation is John Morrison, whose promotion has significantly leveled off since the spring. Lilian pondered later in the show, “I really wonder why he’s not getting a push?”

Maria explains, “I think it’s a lot of complications of outside stuff. I think that a lot of times they go with who’s going to be there, who’s always going to be there, who’s going to be the easiest. He’s very easy and I love him to pieces, but I think it’s outside complications. I think that’s why.”

* Lilian, who handled ring announcing duties for Raw for ten years, explained why it’s been difficult for her to watch the show since leaving WWE in 2009.

She says, “I actually really attempted to watch a show and my stomach was in knots. I did watch WrestleMania, and I tweeted along and it was great, the fans were tweeting right back, it ended up trending worldwide, it was crazy, it was awesome. However, just watching a regular Monday Night Raw, my stomach was in knots, and it was in knots tonight. It’s just that thing of, “Wow, I really did leave.”

“It was my part for ten years. It’s funny because it’s ten years and it seems like it was more because you live and breath it every single day and every single week. You don’t have any down time, and so it’s been hard to watch an episode.”

She continued, “So it’s not like I didn’t like it or didn’t want to, it’s really one of those things where it was sad that I left but at the same time I know I made the right decision.”

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