Gerald Brisco Talks About Scouting Talent For WWE, Being Vince's Stooge

TheScore’s Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) recently had the chance to speak with WWE Hall of Famer and current WWE Scout, Gerald Brisco, who is currently in London scouting for WWE at the Olympic games. Highlights:

On the process of scouting Olympic amatuer wrestlers and other Olympic hopefules as potential future WWE Superstars – how the scouting process works and what he looks for in a potential Superstar

On the two phases of his career; as a wrestler and as Vince’s ‘stooge’

“I used to kid Pat [Patterson] all the time, “You and I have worked for over twenty years to build a reputation that we were great wrestlers, great guys in the ring; we could do anything they asked us to do in the ring and we accomplished that. We were both on a level where I felt like we were at the top of our profession in the ring. Then a few years later you know, we were tied together as Vince McMahon’s corporate ‘stooges’. I think that’s going to last longer than anything else, I think its kind of humorous. We went the entire circle. Two of the most respected guys in the business to being sort of a comic duo, and we became two of the most popular characters in the ‘Attitude’ era of WWE.

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