Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Update: Hogan Shocked At Friend Bubba's Involvement

It appears that Hulk Hogan’s close friend, radio shock jock Bubba The Love Sponge, might be the man who released his now infamous sex tape.

Hogan called in to TMZ Live yesterday and was “completely stunned” when they told him that the final minutes of the Hogan sex tape include footage of Bubba telling Heather Clem (Bubba’s ex-wife and the woman in the tape) that they could get rich and retire by selling the Hogan sex footage.

Hogan told TMZ, “I’m sick to my stomach right now.” Hogan says Bubba swore to him that he didn’t know anything about the tape and didn’t even know there was a camera in the room to capture the romp.

He says he warned Bubba, “If you had anything to do with this, that means we were never friends.”

Hogan maintains that he is still considering taking legal action and promised that the responsible party will pay for recording the action and releasing the footage.

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