Jim Ross Blog: Bret Hart Rumors, Jeff Hardy's Reality Show, 2010 HOF Class

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are the hilights:

Jeff Hardy’s Reality Show: “I hear that the previously discussed Jeff Hardy reality show is still on the drawing board pending, I assume, the results of Jeff’s legal entanglement being resolved. From what I hear, the Jeff Hardy reality show concept is not dead.”

2010 WWE Hall of Fame: Candidates: “Two more WWE HOF suggestions would include Antonio Inoki and Ted ‘The Million Dollar Man’ DiBiase. I hope that I just didn’t jinx either man. Both men have made significant and diverse contributions to the business.”

Bret Hart Returning to WWE?: “Loved this email…what’s most likely to ocur…Bret Hart appearing on WWE TV or Fedor signing with UFC? Easily it’s Bret Hart making an appearance on a WWE show as I never see Fedor signing with UFC under the ridiculous terms of his recent contract demands.”

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