Jim Ross Blog: Brock Lesnar Hosting RAW, Maria's Music CD

Jim Ross has updated his blog and commented Brock Lesnar possibly returning to WWE as well as former WWE Diva Maria’s new music CD. Visit JRsBarBQ.com to read the blog in its entirety and to check out JR’s great line of BBQ products. Here’s what JR said about:

Brock Lesnar Hosting RAW: “Intriguing statement made by Brock Lesnar regarding WWE earlier this week. I don’t think that anyone should expect Lesnar to competitively step back in a WWE ring while he is still competing in UFC and if did it would surprise me. I can see Lesnar easily pulling off a Guest Host shot on Raw around the time that Brock’s book comes out which I assume is later in 2010. After Brock calls it a career in UFC, which I also don’t see for a while, it’s within the realm of possibility that he could do a ‘one off’ bout in WWE likely at a Wrestlemania. This is not likely, in my opinion, for a few years so let’s not start the dialog about Atlanta and who Lesnar ‘might’ wrestle in the Georgia Dome. That’s just not going to happen in my eyes.”

Maria’s New Music CD: “A friend told me recently that former WWE Diva Maria’s new CD was excellent and that Maria was so dedicated to her music career that she financed the project herself. I admire that dedication and encourage all fans to check out Maria’s work which, I think, is available on ITunes. Maria is a wonderful spirit and I really enjoy her work on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Any one who can spend time with Donald Trump comes out the better for it. I have always found Donald to be a helluva guy with amazing perception and vision and it’s obvious that he’s a brilliant man. One terrific marketer and promoter.”

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