Jim Ross Blogs About Monday's RAW: The Shield, Punk-Heyman, Cesaro, Sandow

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts about Monday’s WWE RAW. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:

The Shield: “Enjoying the evolution of The Shield. They are getting valuable TV time and seem to be maximizing their minutes smartly with aggression and physicality. All three men have a viable shot of becoming ‘special’ but it won’t happen over night nor will it happen at all if they don’t keep their foot on the pedal. I think that they will but there’s always the chance of human error IE stupid, immature, unprofessional mishaps that can curtail one’s progression in a competitive business. “

Damien Sandow: “Good night for @TheDamienSandow especially on the mic. Sandow isn’t a finesse antagonist and brings aggression in a timely fashion. I remember one day in Tampa him looking at old, Dick Beyer aka The Destroyer, videos from Japan for most of one day studying the subtleties of one of the great, wrestling villains who ever lived. Guys that invest in study of that type of the greats seem to always benefit from it. “

Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett: “@AntonioCesaro and @WadeBarrett are gaining momentum, as usual not as quick as some fans demand, but these two are going places or so it seems to me. Love their in ring presence, constant physicality and their effort plus their desire to get to the top. Just keep shoving others aside to get to your desired destination. The more one invests the more one earns and it’s not necessarily a popularity contest in the locker room on the road to main event status including headlining future WrestleMania’s.”

CM Punk & Paul Heyman: “@HeymanHustle and @CMPunk had good nights from my spot on the La-Z-Boy. Both are great, old school talkers who are natural extensions of their own personalities while on WWE TV. Key word…they are NATURAL.”

“Heyman’s value to enhancing Punk’s persona and perhaps others down the road is invaluable…somewhat Heenan-esque. That’s about as high a praise as I can bestow.”

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