Jim Ross Talks About Chyna's Overdose, Sports Illustrated – Mick Foley

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry over at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

WWE Going “PG”: That’s what the WWE is offering and that’s what my primary area of concern is because that who employs me and pays me. I personally like the PG ratings for many reasons. Selfishly, now my daughter will allow her 5 and 3 year old daughters to watch their grandpa on Friday nights because the program content isn’t as edgy and doesn’t have to be constantly monitored or at least monitored as closely. PG is more family friendly. PG is more advertiser friendly. PG is more network friendly. The key to PG is not unlike any other era and that is still getting stars “hot” and involved in reality based, personal issues that are highlighted by physicality and athleticism.

Sports Illustrated saying Mick Foley was the inspiration for “Randy The Ram”: I have subscribed to S.I. longer than I am sure many of you have been alive…I am not planning on canceling my subscription either but S.I. was in the wrong when they inferred that Mick Foley was a role model for the Mickey Rourke character in the film “The Wrestler.” I am not “damning” S.I. but the writer simply did not do his home work and unfortunately some readers will accept his account of watching the film with Foley as factual. The writer was wrong and will hopefully address his errors but I’m not holding my breath.

Chyna’s Weekend Overdose: Really sad to hear about Joanie “Chyna” Lauer’s recent troubles. I am thankful she is alive after apparently overdosing on her birthday. I truly hope Joanie gets more professional help, the WWE is an option for her, with whatever issues she has and find true happiness in her life. I’m not sure that her kind of happiness is going to be found in Tinseltown. Joanie was always so health conscious when she was on the WWE roster and the reports about her issues the past several years have been personally troubling to me. She had many challenges in her life LONG before she arrived in the WWE which I honestly feel are at the root of her problems today. Nonetheless, I am no Dr. Phil but I do hope that Joanie gets better and finds a vocation that is personally rewarding to her.

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