Kurt Angle Working Injured, Latest Angelina Love Story, TNA Draws Poor Crowds

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Kurt Angle was working injured during TNA’s tour of Europe last week. He took it easy on the tour, working trios matches and taking few bumps.

— It’s light of all the stories as of late regarding former TNA wrestler Angelina Love, it’s now being said that the character she played on television was basically an exaggerated version of herself. While she definitely has her critics, many felt her partnership with Velvet Sky was awesome as far as playing and having the gimmick, more outside the ring than in.

As noted earlier with Love’s replacement in the group, Lacey Von Erich, she’s incredibly inexperienced so TNA plans on having “The Beautiful People” do more vignettes as opposed to wrestling matches.

— TNA’s tour of Europe last week didn’t draw well as the crowds weren’t much larger than what they typically draw in the United States. The 9/29 show in Dortmund, Germany drew about 1,500, 10/2 in Wintethur, Switzerland drew about 1,000, and 10/3 in Dublin, Ireland drew 1,800. In the case of the show in Dublin, it was held in the O2 Arena, which holds 9,000, so it came across as the emptiest. The posters used to advertise the show were the same posters they used for a tour in January, featuring the likes of Gail Kim, Tomko, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Jeff Jarrett and Curry Man.

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