Nash Reacts To Backlash Over Interview Comments, Discusses Punk In The nWo

Speaking to Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago at last week’s Chicago Comic Con, Kevin Nash addressed his controversial remarks stating that the professional wrestling industry died at WrestleMania XX when the pay-per-view event concluded with “Vanilla Midgets” Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero—small-statured, gifted technical wrestlers that lacked big in-ring personalities but were beloved by fans—reigning atop as world champions.

“(People getting mad) at something I said ten years ago, yeah okay. It’s great that it’s still relevant ten years later. I guess I’m not allowed to have an opinion,” Nash said, who had also claimed in the interview that his comments regarding wrestlers such as Benoit and Guerrero were “a double work.”

He stated in the interview that he has the same problem with today’s “Internet heroes,” CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

“They are not bigger than life,” Nash told “I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt.”

Nash is now suggesting that his remarks concerning Punk and Bryan are “a work.” He tells Muehlhausen, “Because they are on TV and if I would want to have an angle with somebody, I think I would want to work with the top guys.”

Nash says Punk would fit in well with his proposed nWo relaunch.

“He has that nWo grit to him, he kinda runs by his own accord,” Nash said. “He’s very anti-establishment, and I personally like him. I like hanging out with him. So if I’m going to work with somebody, I’m going to work with someone that I enjoy hanging out with.”

Nash also discusses SummerSlam with Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar and notes a never before known fact about the night D-Generation X “invaded” WCW. The interview is available at

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