Paul Heyman Blog: Brock Lesnar’s Recovery & Fight With Carwin On 7/3

Paul Heyman, who has been close friends with Brock Lesnar since Lesnar’s time in World Wrestling Entertainment years ago, has updated his blog with a look at Lesnar’s road to recovery and his upcoming fight with Shane Carwin on July 3rd. Heyman puts over Lesnar strong as one of the elite athletes in sports history and says Lesnar is in the prime of his career and ready to keep making history.

Here are some highlights of what Heyman said about:

Brock Lesnar’s life threatening battle with Diverticulosis:

“Just six months ago, Brock Lesnar’s career was for all intents and purposes, one for the history books. An intense battle with Diverticulosis sidelined the baddest man on the planet, and almost killed him … Brock Lesnar went through a humbling experience with his illness. It made him realize he’s human. He can feel physical pain. He’s not invincible nor even invulnerable. He’s the very best at what he does, but like all “Best Ever” Athletes, the clock ticks away, and the human frailties rear their ugly heads.”

Lesnar is In the Prime of His Career:

“Brock Lesnar is 32 years old. He will turn 33 a little more than a week after his July 3rd return to the cage against UFC Interim Champion Shane Carwin. Think about it. 32 years old … in the best shape of his life … with a changed diet that has only made him healthier.Brock has a better understanding of his own body now than he did six months ago. He is unquestionably in the peak prime of his athletic career.”

Lesnar’s UFC Return On July 3rd Against Shane Carwin:

“On July 3rd, Brock Lesnar returns to the Octagon. His opponent is a 12-0 Knockout King who is quickly becoming the Mike Tyson of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. No man has survived the 1st round with Shane Carwin. No man has withstood Carwin’s violent assault. No man has fought Shane Carwin in this sport without leaving the cage a victim of a first round knockout … Shane Carwin hits hard. Scary hard. Inhumanly hard. Hard, fast, and violently. This guy is no F’N joke.”

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