Possible Error In WWE's Handling Of Rey Mysterio's Thirty-Day Drug Suspension

A look at Rey Mysterio’s interview with The Record in Mexico over the weekend explaining his side of his recent suspension reveals a potential discrepancy between his story and WWE’s drug testing procedure.

Mysterio, who said his thirty-day suspension for a drug test failure was “handled very badly” by WWE, claimed he was informed of the positive test on Wednesday and was required to provide proof of prescription by Thursday. Considering he was unable to meet the deadline, he was suspended as a result. He added he thought his personal doctor provided the proper paperwork in time to clear the violation and was assured it would be taken care of.

It should be be noted that the official guidelines for WWE’s Wellness Policy says talent has up to seventy-two hours to provide proof of a valid prescription upon being notified of a positive test. The exact text of WWE’s Wellness Policy for handling a positive test is as follows: “It shall be the responsibility of WWE Talent to provide, if not already provided, to the Medical Director, within seventy two (72) hours of notification of a positive test, suitable proof that the substance in question has been taken pursuant to a valid prescription for a legitimate medical purpose.”

If that’s the case, Mysterio should have had until Saturday to provide the necessary documents to company officials.

A lot will come down to how WWE defines the “notification” aspect. Mysterio said he was not notified of his positive test until Wednesday due to a three-week absence for a vacation, promoting SummerSlam overseas and working shows, but it remains unclear whether the company attempted to reach out to him prior to then. Mysterio worked the previous day’s SmackDown taping in Phoenix, so it would appear that he was not informed of his positive test result until arriving at home the next day.

Elsewhere during the interview Mysterio also claimed to have passed fifteen drug tests within the past year.

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