RAW Report 1/19/09 Chicago, Illinois

RAW this week starts with a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute video that ends with Obama’s picture.

Video of six months ago and the Million Dollar Mania. But then things started to go wrong with Vince on stage and it all crumbled around him and fell down on him. Vince was taken out on a back board and stretcher with neck brace and all.

Music and pyro.

Orton comes out (with a fake tan looking a little orange) to the ring by himself for a Six Man Over The Top Rope Challenge. Kofi is next out to the ring. Kane is third to the ring. It seems as thought their having slight issues with this arena. Some things are looking a bit off and sounding a bit off. Santino comes out to the ring and his unibrow looks more full than usual. Cody and Ted come out to the ring together. Orton, outside the ring shakes hands with Ted and Cody before they enter the ring.

Legacy goes after Kane but he takes them down. Then the lights went out in the ring. Most arena lights were on, but not the ring lights. Santino was fighting with Kofi but then ended walking into Legacy and tried to make a deal with them. They eliminate Santino. Ted and Cody eliminate Kofi. A huge upper cut to Orton and then Kane eliminates Cody. Kane goes after Orton but Ted runs through and sacrifices himself for Orton to get the win.

– Winner: Orton

Legacy celebrate in the ring together.

– Commercial

Punk is out back getting ready for his Regal match.

Kelly comes out in a local football shirt altered to show off her assets and black pants. Beth comes out in her normal blue and black jumpsuit.

They lock up and Kelly almost gains control but then gets slammed down. While down a couple kicks the Beth’s gut then slamming her into the ropes. Kelly was doing great until running into a clothesline. Double chicken wing in the air then Kelly is face planted for three.

– Winner: Beth

Beth poses in the ring while the ref checks on Kelly.

Out back Orton talks to Ted about the RR. Cody comes up and says there’s a problem. Manu and Sim were in Steph’s office and the rumor is that Steph is going to fire Orton. Orton’s pissed and walks off.

– Commercial

Out back Beth walks up to Santino who congratulates her. He has a surprise for her. Her biggest fan is there. Rosa can’t come as a fan any longer, so he wanted to give her a personal introduction. Rosa says she wants to be a Diva and will do whatever Beth says. Santino asks, “please, can we keep her?” Beth walks off and Santino says he has an idea about impressing Beth.

Steph’s on the phone talking about medicating someone if she wakes up – daughter? Orton comes in and says he thinks it’s great that she fired Jericho. She says she’s not firing him. He can stop sucking up and get out of her office. Orton says he wasn’t sucking up and Steph might be fired when Vince comes back. She says it’s none of his business. He says if it wasn’t for her father she wouldn’t have this job, people laugh behind her back and she’s a joke and a nobody other than her last name. She bitch slaps the taste out of his mouth.

– Commercial

Punk comes out to the ring for his IC Championship Rematch. Regal comes out with Layla in tow. Video of the past 2 DQs between them.

They lock up and Punk is briefly backed into a corner, then backs Regal into a corner. Side headlock on Punk. Dropkick to Regal for less than one. Kicks to Regal’s chest and Punk covers for two. Regal leaves the ring but when Punk follows it looks bad at first. Regal gets Punk up for a suplex but he gets out by a knee to Regal’s head. Regal gets slammed into the ring post. In the ring Punk covers twice for two. Stomping Regal and another pin for two. Arm bar on Regal and Punk takes Regal down to the mat. “CM Punk” chants. Regal wiggles to the ropes and gets there to break the hold. He threatens to break Regal’s arm as it’s No DQ.

– Commercial

Punk, in the ropes for leverage, has a submission hold on Regal. Layla gets involved to get Punk to let go. Regal flipped Punk from the ring. Regal set Punk’s head up next to the ring post and kicked his head. In the ring Regal covers for two. Regal can’t seem to lock in a full nelson and Punk counters out. Drop toe hold to Punk and Regal manages to get the full nelson locked in – briefly. They exchange blows, including kicks. Finally Regal gets a huge punch to Punk’s gut, but Punk comes back with a kick to Regal’s head for two. High knee in a corner but then Regal somehow flips/suplexes (looked horrible) Punk and lands Punk on his head in the ring. Kicks to Punk’s head and Regal covers for two. Punk is set up top and Regal throws blows onto him. Regal climbs up but Punk throws punches and sends Regal flying. Regal ducks Punk’s cross body. Regal up for the GTS. Regal tries to elbow out but Punk hit it and covered for three.

– Winner: Punk

Punk celebrates in the ring. Video of that horrible move and then the GTS. Punk into the crowd to celebrate. Tons of Punk signs out there. More video of the GTS.

Video from last week when JBL and HBK were in the limo talking about what could have been and how last week was HBK’s WM. Video of HBK facing Cena and winning. JBL was ringside and helped HBK reach the ropes at one point. JBL’s distraction and another sweet chin music for HBK to beat Cena. After it was over JBL stood over a prone Cena.

– Commercial

The ring is set up for the contract signing. King’s in the ring announcing the match between JBL and Cena for the RR. JBL’s music to huge heat. JBL comes out with HBK in tow. Cena’s music and he comes bouncing out to the ring. The colors are still way off watching this show. Something about this arena is strange. JBL’s hat looked pink. (Not my TV, I know that.) Cena’s more than ready to sign when King asks who wants to go first. Cena signed left handed. JBL the picks it up and slowly signed before slamming it down. JBL takes King’s mic and says it’s official and the reign of JBL is only a matter of time. Cena told JBL he’s a scumbag and to get over himself. He only wants to talk to HBK. JBL won’t let them talk and says HBK will be at the RR to support JBL. It will be his only function. Cena says he’s not going to waste all that cash for HBK to just stand in JBL’s corner. He wants HBK to listen to him. When he first made his decision he tried to understand it, the fans don’t understand it. Last week they had a match. Last week he didn’t fight a broken man. Last week he fought HBK, had a match with the Show Stopper. That proves to Cena that he still has it. Everyone loves HBK for who he is and what he does because he does it better than everyone else. He’s not doing it because he’s lost anything in the ring. He proved that last week. He tells HBK that he’s Mr. WM and not JBL’ puppet. “Cena” chants. JBL says an employee is not a puppet. He knows HBK is all those things, that’s why he hired him. His employees work for him because they choose to and he pays them well. He hired HBK so that he can win the WHC and go back to Texas as Champion and fight at WM. What he’s getting is a large, large paycheck. He tells Cena it’s not rocket science and not personal. It’s merely a business decision. HBK grabs the mic and screams for JBL to shut up! He says the idea that he has to take money from a disgusting individual like him makes HBK sick. He hates what he’s become. He turns to Cena and tells him he doesn’t live in HBK’s word. He’s not 20 any longer. He can’t fathom the pressures he has. He has squandered everything. People think they know his situation. They don’t know his life. He got himself into it and will get himself out. If that means taking money from JBL, he will do it. If that overshadows all he’s done in his career, or costs Cena the WHC – so be it. Cena says he doesn’t believe HBK. HBK has the God given ability to be better than everyone else. Everyone wants to see HBK, not this. He’s made this decision, but he has another choice. At the RR… “HBK” chants. At the RR he’ll have a choice. A moment he has to choose. Will HBK really be the guy who helps JBL become the next WHC? After the fire in HBK’s eyes last week, he doesn’t believe it and doesn’t think he’ll help JBL. HBK gets right up in Cena’s face. He tells Cena he’s sorry he feels that way. HBK tries to take a shot at Cena but JBL’s is the punch that lands. HBK goes for sweet chin music, Cena ducks but runs into JBL’s big boot. Then the clothesline from hell to Cena as HBK leaves the ring. Both leave Cena on the mat.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Rey won last week but then Knox attacked Rey. Rey held his own and fought Knox off.

Rey comes out to the ring in black and white. He has on his extra full headed mask which he takes off and puts on a child in the audience. Grisham asks Knox out back what he has against Rey. He says he has nothing against Rey. Grisham asks why he keeps attacking Rey. Knox says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have a reason. Knox comes out to the ring.

Rey is on the offensive and sends Knox from the ring then slams him down but a big clothesline takes Rey down. Rey is bounced off the ropes and collides with a big boot for two. Bear hug to Rey. Knox is bleeding from the mouth. Rey punches out of the hold but gets a knee to the gut. Rey gets whipped but moves so Knox eats turnbuckle. Horrible hurricanrana to Knox who falls into 619 position. But he catches Rey’s legs. Knox slams Rey through the ropes and keeps working over a prone Rey. The ref calls for the bell after Knox won’t let Rey out of a corner after a five count.

– Winner: Rey Via DQ

Knox keeps attacking Rey until the ref finally stops him. Rey is on the mat holding his shoulder.

Out back Steph walks into her office on her cell. Jericho is in her office and she demands he leave. He says he called Vince last week and said he thought she was acting rash. Vince said he can plead his case tonight and won’t hold anything back. He walks out leaving her pissed off.

– Commercial

SD! Rebound – Video of Jeff Hardy’s issues of late. The hit and run. Edge says he’s up for Hardy’s pain and suffering, but he’s happy Jeff and his girlfriend are okay as he wants Jeff to have no excuses. Edge wants his title back. Jeff came out but the pyro went wonky and he landed on the stage. They rushed a stretcher to him and got him out of there – Matt Hardy and R-Truth by his side.

Miz and Morrison are in the ring. Morrison shushes the fans. Miz says they wanted to celebrate this RR by beating the first winner of the RR. Hacksaw can pick which of them will beat him. Cryme Tyme’s music hits and they come out. Shad says Hacksaw is on special assignment, but they want to counter their offer. Today is MLK Day and tomorrow their boy Obama gets sworn in. Miz says he’s republican. Shad says that’s too bad. Shad says they deserve a title shot tonight as they’re worse than the Cubs. JTG says they will beat them tonight to earn their title shots. If they lose they won’t bother them any more. Miz and Morrison like that idea, so they’re in.

Morrison starts working over Shad and then an upper cut and snap mare followed by a knee to the side of Shad’s head. Cheap shot to JTG but then Shad comes back with a couple big clotheslines and takes out Miz on the apron. Morrison is raised high in the air and slammed down. Behind the ref’s back Miz attacks Shad through the ropes, but then JTG flips Morrison off the ropes hard. Shad takes Morrison down and pins for three.

– Winners: Cryme Tyme

Video of Orton yelling at Steph earlier, then she bitch slapped him.

– Commercial

Promo for the RR Match. Wonderful video with many RR stats.

Cody talks to Mickie out back. He asks why he should take career advice from her. She says that she’s been woman’s Champion 4 times. Then Goldust it there to give advice. He says if Cody wants to know what a true Champion is, he should watch this – Flair and even Dad. Starcade DVD. Cody says there’s a match on it between Austin and a young Dustin Rhodes. Cody says he joined up with Orton to avoid being like Goldust. He plans on surpassing their father. When they make the Cody Rhodes DVD, he’ll send Goldust a copy.

A limo pulls up out back.

– Commercial

Jillian “singing” in the ring. Video of Rosa attacking Melina last week, then Jillian and Beth continued the assault when rosa was dragged off. Melina comes out in leopard print.

Jillian taunts Melina. Melina rushes Jillian in a corner but Jillian moves out of the way. Jillian gains huge control. Beth, Santino and Rosa come out to the ring. Jillian can barely hold Melina up and does a horrible semi-side slam. Melina manages to roll Jillian up for three.

– Winner: Melina

Melina watches them outside the ring closely while the ref holds her hand up. Santino says something to Rosa and she rushes the ring to attack Melina. Beth follows and continues the assault. Beth yells at Melina that she won’t need help beating her this Sunday. Santino tells Rosa Beth will be happy. Beth leaves the ring and blows by them both without a glance.

Out back Dolph tells Candice that if he’s in the RR everyone will know the name… Dolph turns around and Vince is there. Vince introduces himself and Dolph can’t remember his own name.

– Commercial

The audio was again horrible while King and Cole spoke. I couldn’t hear them at all.

Video of HBK and JBL going after Cena in the ring earlier.

Vince’s music and he actually got huge pop coming out to the ring with his wild strut. He says that by that reception they seem happy that he’s back. But this isn’t about reception, but business. He’s introducing us to Jericho to give him a public forum to address his grievance. Jericho comes out and shakes Vince’s hand. Vince likes Jericho’s suit and Jericho comments on Vince’s suit and kisses butt. Jericho says he’s Superstar of The Year. He carried this show on his back but then Steph fired him. He knows Vince will make things right now that he’s back. He should be in the RR. Vince is a businessman who should make things right on his show. Vince says he watched last week and thinks Steph can be a bit impetuous. Vince asks if she’s made any progress as GM. Jericho says she’s slid back and is a horrible little princess who can’t handle things. Vince calls Steph to the ring. She comes out in black leather pants and black shirt – looking great. Vince held her hand into the ring. He doesn’t want to go over her head, but he’s reinstating Jericho. But he’s not! He’s not going to fire her – they’re going to run RAW together. He asks Steph if she wants to give Jericho a second chance, it’s up to her. She takes the mic, walks around Jericho, gets wolf whistles, and says if Jericho wants his job back he has to apologize. He says nothing and she calls for security to escort him out of the building. He stopped her and said he’s sorry. She said she didn’t hear him and asked him to speak up. He said it again and she said he’d have to do better than that. He said he’s sorry he spoke out of turn against her. He was frustrated and spoke out of turn. If she coudl take it into her heart to forgive him. She says it’s good, but not good enough. He’s been calling the fans all hypocrites for months. If he wants his job back he has to apologize to them. The fans start chanting, “On your knees!” Steph says what the fans want and demands he do it. He slowly gets down on his knees and looks pissed. He says he has to explain to us this – he has a gift a gift like his that makes him perform better than anyone on the planet it might make him seem arrogant. He knows he said a lot of mean things about all of them. If he’s said anything to offend any of them, he apologizes. Steph tells him to get up, it’s embarrassing. She tells him she’ll see him at the RR. He can leave the ring and listen while the fans tell him what they really think of him. Tons of “You suck” chants. Vince says he loves to see Jericho grovel like that, warms his cockles. He tells her she’s still Daddy’s Little Girl and to give him a hug. Orton’s music and he comes out to the ring. He says there’s another apology in order. Vince’s daughter slapped him for no reason at all. So Vince should tell Steph to apologize to him. Vince asks why he should do that. Orton says he’s worth more than she is. He will win the RR and go on to win WM and make millions of dollars. They pay to see him, not her. Since she’s popped him out a couple of grandkids she’s become worthless. Steph starts moving to slap Orton but Vince stopped her. He spoke to her off mic and sent her from the ring. Vince asks Orton who the hell he thinks he is. He’s in Vince’s ring, Vince’s universe and Orton’s privileged to be in it. He will give a history lesson. Cowboy Bob Orton was a mediocre wrassler until Vince came along and ended up in the HOF. If Vince hadn’t done that Orton wouldn’t be there now. He might be a gym teacher in St. Louis. Now Orton can apologize to Vince! Orton says nothing. Vince says to apologize, or else. Vince then says he won’t ask again. If he doesn’t, he’ll be terminated on the spot. Orton raises the mic and says Vince doesn’t want to do that, sir. They stare off. “Randy Orton, you’re…” Orton slaps the taste from Vince’s mouth then kicks Vince in the head. Then the final kicking of Vince’s head off. A ref rushes the ring and stops Orton. Orton’s hand goes to his mouth as his jaw drops. He realizes what he’s done. Steph runs out and they get all the paramedics, Malenko and others out there. Cody and Ted end up out there to gather up Orton. Steph is screaming and crying like he’s half dead in the ring. They get the neck brace on Vince as Cody and Ted stand on the apron with Orton in the far corner. They replay the video of the attack. Back to what’s happening and Orton looks to be in total shock. He suddenly leaves the ring with Cody and Ted. Up the ramp and out he keeps glancing back at what he’d done without realizing it. Steph is still screaming and crying as they tape Vince down, roll him onto the back board and the stretcher.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat