Ric Flair's Estranged Wife Happy To Be Away From His Drama

Tiffany Flair, the estranged wife of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, made her second appearance on the Unholy Matrimony internet radio show on Sunday night. You can listen to her appearance here – she joins this week’s show at around the 60 minute mark.

Tiffany had nothing but negative things to say about her WWE Hall of Famer husband. The hosts noted that news of Flair’s fistfight with his daughter’s boyfriend broke the day after Tiffany last appeared on the show.

“I’m so happy to be out of the drama,” she said. “I really do love his kids, but the regular drama that comes with Ric, I’m so happy to be out of the drama.” She said Ric seems to create and like his drama. “It’s a part of the package.” The hosts joked that part of the reason they got divorced is Ric’s habit of dropping his pants in public, which got a big laugh from Tiffany.

Tiffany said she no longer speaks to Ric Flair, who has already moved on to a new girlfriend. “It’s not going to be a pretty situation.” She said they aren’t even close to a divorce settlement and must remained married until June due to North Carolina divorce laws. Rory joked that she had to keep him from spending all of his money before the divorce. “That’s a novel thought, huh?” she laughed.

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