*SPOILER* Returning WWE Superstar Spotted At Airport Heading To RAW City

Warning: The following contains a possible spoiler for Monday’s RAW:

Monday is February 21, 2011 – 2/21/11.

The meaning of WWE’s cryptic 2/21/11 teaser videos will be revealed on Monday’s RAW, and there have been a number of clues thus far that the date signifies the return of WWE legend The Undertaker.

The Dead Man was spotted at the airport in Houston, Texas today waiting for a flight headed for California, where RAW is taking place.

WWE has not acknowledged that the Undertaker will be returning on RAW, but the arena website has advertised the Undertaker will be there, the 2/21/11 videos on WWE.com were tagged with “Undertaker” and now the Dead Man in the city that hosts Monday’s RAW is a good indication he’ll be on the show.

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Source: PWInsider.com