*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For March 1, 2012

Backstage, Roode talks about Sting’s attack last week. Austin Aries approaches Roode and makes a passing reference to his recent Twitter messages. They both complain about Sting and want to talk about something in private.

Kurt Angle In-Ring Promo
Angle wrote himself some cue cards filled with reasons why he hates Jeff Hardy. Most of them had to do with the way Hardy dresses and how his own son idolizes Hardy over his own dad. He calls out Hardy. They set up their match at Victory Road. Hardy slaps Angle and they do a agents/ref pull-apart brawl.

AJ Styles Gauntlet Match vs. Daniels and Kazarian
Styles gets on the mic before the match and proposes that if he wins the gauntlet match he wants whatever Daniels has over Kazarian out in the open. Kazarian interferes while Styles and Daniels were wrestling and causes Daniels to lose via disqualification after delivering his finisher on Styles. But Styles was immediately pinned by Kazarian and thus Styles came out on the losing end in the gauntlet match.

Backstage, Bully Ray is talking with some random chick about Brandon Jacobs. Roode and Aries approach him and they insinuate that the real menace and the root of his problems is Sting.

Madison Rayne (with Gail Kim( vs ODB (with Eric Young)
ODB wins via pinfall after a TKO. While the ref was distracted by Eric Young, Madison tried to get Gail to interfere but as Gail tried to climb the apron, she fumbled her title belt and was unable to pick it back up in time. This allowed ODB to regain control and she planted Madison into the canvas with a TKO.

Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries In-Ring Promo
All three of them bitch about Sting and say that “they’re done”. After they each get some time on the mic, they all sit down in the middle of the ring and stretch out as if they were lounging on the beach, claiming that they’re going to sit there all night long. The lights in the Impact Zone go out and Sting appears inside the ring. Sting asks them if they are playing mind games like he was when he tweeted that he was done. If not, and if they’re really done then that would mean that he would have to strip Aries and Roode of their championship belts and Bully Ray would be out of a paycheck. They all change their minds and Sting books them in the main event tonight against Joe, Magnus, & Storm.

Shannon Moore vs Zema Ion
Ion wins after avoiding a top rope moonsault and executing his back suplex into a knee-to-the-face buster.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love and Sarita
Sky pins Love with a sitout double underhook facebuster

James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries
Roode tries to avoid Storm the entire match. Storm picks up the pinfall after a Last Call superkick. I’m pretty sure he pinned Roode. Post match, Bully Ray attacks Magnus with a steel chair. He then tosses the chair at James Storm. Storm catches it but Bully Ray whacks it into his face with a big boot. Ray stands tall to close the show.

*PHOTOS*- Velvet Sky does her ring entrance