*SPOILERS* WWE NXT Tapings Results From Thursday Night

WWE taped 3 episodes of NXT on Thursday night from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Credit to PWInsider.com and reader Andres Santiago for these results:

Episode 1

The taping started with a video package on Seth Rollins’ title victory before the standard NXT opening.

– Kenneth Cameron vs. Jay Uso. Uso won with a superkick.

Backstage, Rick Victor was in Dusty Rhodes’ office, looking to get a shot at the NXT Championship. Rhode turned him down.

– Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter. Langston won with The Big Ending. Following the match, there was a chant of “One More Time”. Langston proceeded to hit The Big Ending again and did a 5 count while pinning Baxter. He then cut a promo about how all his matches from now on will utilize a 5 count. More “One More Time” chants led to one final Big Ending and 5 count sequence.

– Tamina Snuka vs. Audrey Marie. Marie won with a rollup when Tamina missed the Superfly Splash.After the match, Raquel Diaz jumped Tamina and drew an L on her head with lipstick before cutting a promo on her.

Backstage, Briley Pierce tried to interview Seth Rollins but was interrupted by Rick Victor. Victor claimed that Rollins didn’t even know who he was and, thus, proceeded to smack Rollins in the face and walk off. Rollins ended the segment saying he knows who that was and that “Rick Victor just jumped to the top of my Blackout List”

– Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicuttyMcGillicutty won with the McGillicutter.

Backstage, Rollins confronted Rhodes and demanded a match with Victor for next week. Rhodes obliged.

Episode 2

– Trent Barreta vs. Johnny Curtis. Barreta won with the Gobstopper.

– Alicia Fox vs. Paige. Paige won with the Knight Light.

– Jimmy Uso vs. Conor O’Brian. O’Brian won with a enziguri. Jay was in the ring checking on Jimmy after the match. Ascension jumped him and left with both Usos laid out.

– Kassius Ohno vs. Unnamed Talent. Ohno won by submission with a combination of a cravat and sleeper with the opponents arms trapped by Ohno’s legs. After the match, Ohno said that was too easy and got the match restarted. Ohno quickly hit a rolling elbow and put the wrestler back in that submission. Ohno wouldn’t release the hold until Richie Steamboat came down to run him off.

– “NXT Champion” Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor. Rollins won with the Black Out.

Episode 3

– Michael McGillicutty vs. Bo DallasMcGillicutty won with the McGillicutter.

– Jake Carter vs. Leo KrugerKruger won with the Krugerrand.

– Ryback vs. Aiden English and an another unnamed wrestler. Ryback hit all of his signature maneuvers and won with the Shell Shocked on both guys.

– Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat. Steamboat won with a rollup off a reversal. After the match, Ohno jumped him and put him in the same submission he used on the jobber earlier. The episode ended with a plethora of refs running down and getting Ohno to release the hold and leave the ring.

* Pictures of the NEW NXT Championship Belt