Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Skips Radio Show Appearance, Called "Unprofessional"

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch no-showed a scheduled in-studio radio appearance for VOC Nation Wednesday afternoon in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. The program hosts issued an apology during the broadcast (listen here) and noted that Sytch had promised to appear hours earlier. A car was sent to her New Jersey residence to pick her up for the appearance, but no one answered the door.

VOC Nation criticized Sytch for the no-show on Twitter, writing, “She was an unprofessional no show. Now I see why people are reluctant to work with her.”

Sytch has no-showed multiple advertised appearances in the past year including at least seven scheduled bookings since March. She was scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario last month but “personal issues” prevented her from appearing at the event. American Icon Autographs stated they have no intention on working with her again after having bailed on the organization a third time. Three weeks ago, she missed three consecutive dates in Maine due to “personal demons,” according to the event promoter.

Despite her recent string of no-shows, the former WWE star has multiple independent wrestling event appearances lined up. Her next scheduled appearance is set for this Saturday at Patriot Auction Gallery in Martinsburg, West Virginia. (Event Details)


source: PWInsider.com