Titantron Of WWE Star Who Has Yet To Debut Leaks Online, Matt Hardy Speaks Out

— Video has leaked online of Drew McIntyre’s Titantron even though he has yet to debut in WWE. You can see the video at the following link. McIntyre has worked a countless number of non-televised matches in recent months.

— Matt Hardy wrote in a blog on the WWE Universe that his doctor has cleared him to start training again.

Hardy wrote: “I’m fully focused on returning to Smackdown and making it the Matt Hardy Show! If you support me and believe in me, great! If you doubt me and don’t think I have what it takes, thank you! Those two types of motivation will drive a healthy Matt Hardy to become the best that Smackdown has to offer. Please doubt me if you dare.. To begin with, I’m gonna get in the shape of my life, I’m gonna take over Smackdown, and then I’m gonna take over the entertainment world. Mark. My. Words. Don’t miss Smackdown this week, I’ll be watching VERY close.”

He also said “it’s only a matter of time” before he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion.

— The WWE website has an article asking if Raw guest hosts such as Shaquille O’Neal wield too much power over the program.

The article’s author, Greg Adkins, wrote: “As the “special guest host” initiative continues, there‚Äôs no telling how such unchecked power will continue to affect the Monday night landscape. One thing is certain, though: The issue is not whether power will be used to rule Raw, the issue is whether that power will be used wisely.”

Click here to read the article.

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