TNA Star Discusses Leaving WWE, Knockout On Front Page Of Newspaper, Morasca

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Bobby Lashley recently appeared on Inside MMA and when asked why he left World Wrestling Entertainment, he responded, “That’s the million dollar question, and it’ll cost me a million dollars to answer it.”

Both sides signed confidentiality clauses and agreed not to bad mouth each other when they gave him a full release. The deal also allowed him to work for TNA if he wanted to, even though he had time left on his contract. The feeling is that if he went public on his complaints on Michael Hayes, and there was some corroboration, it would make the company look bad. So WWE officials agreed to release Lashley on his terms on the condition that he not say anything negative about the company.

— TNA Knockout Jenna Morasca was recently profiled on the TV Guide Channel’s InFANity, a program catching up with past Survivor winners.

Her segment mostly focused on joining TNA, and as she was talking, you could see the Six Sides of Steel being constructed. She also discussed joining college for Psychology and trying to do something positive with the money and fame coming out of Survivor.

The episode re-airs tonight at 7:00 p.m.

— TNA Knockout Madison Rayne is featured on the front page of this morning’s Fayetteville Observer newspaper. Click here to see an image of Rayne herself holding up the newspaper.

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