Update On Bella Twins Leaving WWE: Bellas Coment, Eve Fires Them

As previously reported, the Bella Twins are gone from WWE. The WWE storyline was that they were “fired,” but the reality is that their contracts were expiring at the end of April and they decided not to re-sign.

As recently as last week, there was a storyline in place for Kharma to return and destroy the Bella Twins to explain their departure, but that angle was scrapped when the details leaked online.

The Bella Twins tweeted the following after being released:

“Bella’s have left the building… Happy ending at the Nutter center??? Well at least we finished it off! #ByeByeBellas”

Kelly Kelly also commented on their departure:

“I’m gonna miss my besties @thebellatwins We’ve had an amazing 5 years together and I love you like my sisters …Thank u for everything!”

The WWE website has posted a video of Eve Torres firing the Bellas, which you can see here:

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