Vince's Mood At RAW This Week, Steve Austin & Edge DVD News & More

– WWE Superstars matches taped last night before the SmackDown tapings in St. Louis were Brodus Clay vs. local wrestler Bryan Thomas and Daniel Bryan vs. Trent Baretta.

– Several WWE stars were interviewed for Edge’s new DVD at Monday’s RAW Supershow.

– A new Steve Austin DVD box set will be released on October 3rd in the UK. “The Steve Austin Collection” will be bundled with several of his recent DVD action movies, including Born to Fight (Knockout), The Stranger and Hunt to Kill.

– Alex Riley announced on Twitter this week that he’s getting his very first WWE t-shirt and action figure soon. Riley’s action figure comes packaged with The Miz in one of Mattel’s “Battle Packs.”

– After Vince McMahon went ballistic backstage at RAW last week, Vince was said to be in a much better mood this week. Vince was reportedly upset because Alberto Del Rio mentioned his name on television, which Vince thought spoiled his eventual television return.

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