JR Blog Report: Bischoff, Heyman, Hogan-Savage, Gimmicks, Mid South

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– For the record, I was born on January 3, 1952 in Fort Bragg, California. That makes me 56 years of age NOT 63 as was erroneously reported on wwe.com this week and may still be on the Raw site at wwe.com.

– While in Arizona I had a nice “sit down” with a cold beverage with Eric Bischoff, who is doing well and staying busy with a variety of projects, many that have great potential and were personally intriguing to me. I can tell you that there are worse places a guy can live than Scottsdale, Arizona!

– Too many gimmicks will spoil the “soup” every time. I am not in favor of the wrestling rosters resembling a circus troop.

– Paul (Heyman) is working/writing/creating a variety of entertainment projects, none of which have anything to do with wrestling. I don’t know where the story got started that Heyman was being paid to sit at home, but I don’t think that one hold’s water… in other words I don’t believe that one to be true, but it makes for a nice slice of rasslin’ gossip. However, I will not deny that Happy Heyman isn’t a brilliant mind when it comes to wrestling.

– Mid South Wrestling still has many fans and I know that any success I have been lucky enough to attain would not have been possible without having those unique experiences and sitting under Cowboy Bill Watts and Ernie Ladd’s learning tree. Arguably at one point Mid South Wrestling was the best one hour wrestling show on television. I wish we could see more drama, athleticism and reality based issues on today’s wrestling TV shows.

– I see no reason in the future why Scotland could not host a Raw and Smackdown TV event, unless the local arenas are not “TV friendly” as it relates to their facilities.

– I have stopped trying to analyze the Hulk-Savage relationship, but anyone who thinks that the two of them will have another “run” or one more Wrestlemania main event needs to stop drinking the bong water.

– Rick Rude was a BTP (big time player) and “Ravishing” would have brought out the best in the Hulkster if the two had gotten into a long term issue. Rude was also a legit tough dude.

– I think all wrestling commentators can be more unbiased and also engage in timely debate with their partners. Too much bickering takes away from the wrestling at times, and we announcers are often reminded – and have been since I got in the biz – that the show is not about us. Announcers who try to make themselves the centerpiece or focal point of a broadcast usually are unpopular, short termers. Arguing for the sake of arguing like the “Battling Bickerson’s” oftentimes doesn’t work. but the occasional verbal blow up seems to mean more.

– I like the War Games better than the Elimination Chamber, if it matters. I don’t “hate” the Elimination Chamber, but I do feel that the War Games is a viable and unique presentation. Contemplate… perhaps…pull the trigger… who knows?

– I think (Santino) Marella is a much better wrestler than people perceive, but his comedic skills seem to overshadow his physical skills at this time.

– The lack of great managers is in direct correlation to the lack of great wrestlers but perhaps even more so. Superstars evolved and were developed quicker and better when they could learn in a variety of territories and not solely in a developmental system. Plus, talents like Bobby Heenan only come a long once in a lifetime. I find it hard to see the fans booing Ric Flair the manager, just as they don’t want to boo Ric Flair the wrestler. Nonetheless there are many valuable roles for Ric when his wrestler days are over.

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