Kurt Angle Found Not Guilty On DUI Charges & Angle's Reaction

Source: PWInsider.com

Today TNA star Kurt Angle was found not guilty of driving under the influence and careless driving in an Allegheny County, Pennsylvania courtroom. Authorities were unable to place Angle in his car after receiving reports that he was driving erratically. He was arrested at his home after refusing a breathalyzer test.

Angle spoke to WPXI TV (Pittsburgh, PA) this afternoon regarding the ruling and said, “It’s taken a toll on my family. I regret it. It’s something that, you know, I didn’t do anything wrong. The law tries to turn around and get you. Maybe because you’re a celebrity, maybe not.”

Angle added, “I’ve gotten a bad name, and regardless of this interview or any interview, when people hear my name, they think Kurt Angle was driving under the influence. Just crazy how society is today.”

Angle’s defense attorney Michele Santicola told WPXI that Kurt was not intoxicated while he was allegedly driving erratically and “the alcoholic beverages he consumed were after he was home and done driving.”

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