List Of WWE Talent On The Tribute To The Troops Tour In Iraq

The following talent is said to currently be on the Tribute to the Troops tour currently in Iraq. This list comes courtesy of Buck Woodward of the Professional Wrestling Insider:

– Michael Cole
– Ron Simmons
– Snitsky
– Vince McMahon
– Hardcore Holly
– Randy Orton
– Triple H
– Rey Mysterio
– Mickie James
– Shawn Michaels
– Melina
– Maria
– Mark Henry
– Lilian Garcia
– Kelly Kelly
– Layla
– Carlito
– Chris Jericho
– Umaga
– Jeff Hardy
– John Cena
– Kennedy

While this is the list floating around on the Internet it is unlikely that John Cena made the trip. There were some people that claim that they saw the Undertaker in the background of the most recent Cole Report on, however, his name was not on the list as to making the trip.

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