Live Report From Last Night's Great American Bash Pay-Per-View

Thanks to Joseph Franze for sending in the following:

Let me first start off by saying my seats were fantastic.

Quick notes/thoughts
Crowd was mainly dead

Best Chants:
“Randy Orton! Randy Orton!”
“We want ‘Taker”
”You’re on steroids” (to John Cena)
“Michael Cole Sucks”
Tons of people loving festus.
Lots of heat on CM Punk

Lots of kids

WWE Championship Match
Triple H defends against Edge – Typical Triple H main event. wish I could hear the commentary for this one. Terrible finish. Undertaker should have came back and cost Edge the title setting up a match for Summerslam. Vickie should reinstate the undertaker cause she wants to get back at edge.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk defends against Batista – Crowd very anti Punk. Should have had a clean finish here. Kane getting involved was unnecessary in my opinion. The chokeslam to Punk and kicking the Camera man live was pretty awsome. I say they might set up a three way dance batista vs. kane vs. punk at Summerslam

ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry defends against Tommy Dreamer – Didn’t see the finish coming. Great to see they gave the ECw title match 5 minutes.

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way
John Morrison & The Miz defend against Finlay & Hornswoggle, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder, and Jesse & Festus – Surprise ending. Great opening match. Crowd very heavily involved. Hornswoggle is wayyyyy over. With kids and adults. Same with finlay. Festus is wayyyy over with the kids as well. People love the biscuits and gravy.

New York City Parking Lot Brawl
John Cena vs. JBL – Crowd was into it in the beginning when they thought the match was going to start in the ring and carry out to the parking lot. Turns out it was actually being filmed in the parking garage under the Coliseum (Security guard told us) When the crowd realized that we basically paid to watch TV they started chanting boring and booing it…until JBL lit the car on fire. The place went nuts. Great moment, and i won’t lie, was when Cena drove the forklift with JBL in the car into the arena. HOLY SH*T MOMENT: Cena being thrown off the stage through a window shield live was insane…GREAT TO SEE CENA JOB TO JBL

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho – In line for the entire time at the consession stand. Lines were moving at a snail’s pace. Really upset i did not get to see any of this match. Kind of taints my overall opinion on the show.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Michelle McCool vs. Natalya – Same as above. In line at the concessions stand. I felt like asking for the manager.

US Title Match
Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin – Possibly MOTN. Great false finishes. Crowd was heavy into this match. Chanting ‘Let’s Go Hardy!’ only to be opposed by thunderous chants of ‘Let’s go Shelton!’ Unsuspected finish which the crowd enjoyed. More cheering than booing for the new US Champion. At this point I thought the PPV was going to deliver top to bottom. However, after this match the ppv took a dive and the crowd seemed bored.