More Information On Montel Vontavious Porter's Real Name

The Florida Department of Corrections website has an inmate release information list and in the database is a profile on current WWE Star Montel Vontavious Porter. It has been noted before that MVP served 9½ years of an 18 year sentence in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping before he started his professional wrestling career.

It was reported a few weeks ago that MVP’s real name is Hassan Assad. That’s not totally correct as it’s actually an alias. His real name is actually Alvin Burke, Jr. The Wrestling Observer reports that MVP took the name Hassan Assad as a Muslim while in prison. He took on the religion while in prison, hence the name. However, he doesn’t really talk about it anymore. One reason for his wrestling garb is because he has a Malcolm X tattoo and WWE wanted him to cover it up. Furthermore, the complete alias is actually Hassan Hamid Assad. The database also notes that he went under the alias Alvin Jr. Burke as well.

In his profile, the Florida Department of Corrections website lists the exact day he committed the criminal offenses, his sentence date, and more personal information. They also show his mugshot. In his profile on, his height is advertised as 6-3. According to his inmate profile, his height is actually 6-0, which goes to show you that WWE likely exaggerates a lot of their wrestlers’ heights.

You can see his inmate profile here.

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