*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results From Baton Rouge, La

Thanks to reader Byron for sending in this live report:

I was there and it was a very good show

Edge comes out and cuts a promo about how Vickie doesn’t tells him what to do and say$s he will not marry her. Vickie comes out and the boos drawn out alot of what she says , but the tron shows a no dq match b/w Edge and Big Show.

Maria coming soon vid.

Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin. It was a match, with only 1 missed spot. Hardy was way over. Shelton had some fans and we saw all of Matt’s normal offense w/ 3 failed tofs. The crowd was stunned and booed Shelton heavily.

Jeff Hardy video video shown

MVP came out to ringside to MVP chants to do color for Mr. Kennedy vs. Domino. Kennedy did his intro, said he was SD true MVP Domino got in some offense. While Kennedy was jaw jacking w/ MVP after the match Umaga came in the ring and spiked him as MVP smiled..

Carlito video shown

Finlay and Horny beat The Miz and John Morrison when Finlay used the shillelagh on Miz after he stopped him from pinning Morison after the Celtic Cross and then Horny hit the Tadpole splash. Miz and Morrison got more heat in their 2nd appearance and they also had a group of girls who were screaming for them. Hornswoggle and Finlay are way more over in person and Finlay is stiff as Hell.

Chavo Guerrero told Edge that he agreed w/ him and that he shouldn’t marry Vickie and that he was going to give her a piece of his mind. When Chavo confronted Vickie he said that Edge was a fool and that him and Vickie are Guerrerros and that nothing can change that. Vickie said Chavo was full of crap and made him face HHH next.

HHH came out to the loudest pop of the night he and Chavo had a good match Chavo had some great heat. Hell there was even a Bam Neely sucks chant when he cheated on HHH. HHH countered the 3 amigos into the pedigree for the win. Afterwards he shook hans w/ the fans and posed on the way up the ramp.

Jeff WWE magazine video

Natalya who was impressive and Maryse who is a dime beat Michelle McCool who was way over and Cherry who also had fan support after Cherry tapped to the sharpshooter. After the match Natalya attacked Michelle who was tending to Cherry and hit a sick Fisherman suplex on the floor.

Jesse and Festus beat Ryder and Hawkins after they got counted out so that they could attack Festus. They quickly disposed of Jessie and were giving it to Festus when Jessie rang the bell and Festus went wild. It’s amazing how over the lunatic Festus is when he isn’t featured regularly.

Vladimir Kozlov w/ music and tron beat Stevie Richards after a headbutt to the back of the neck. Vlad is stiffer than Finlay. There were USA, Go back to Russia, Lets go Stevie chants.

Big Show came out to massive pyro and the second best reaction of the night. Vickie was at ringside for the match. It was a fight. Show took control early on and knocked Edge around and into the crowd. Edge speared Show on the outside and introduces a kendo stick into the match. The finish saw Show block a Conchairto and hit a Chokeslam. Show went for his own Conchairto but Vicki stopped the match. This leads to Edge re-proposing and them kissing to a chorus of boos after thay announce that there wedding is next week.

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