TNA Considering Two Former WWE Divas For Role In LAX


In the last week, TNA officials have considered bringing former WWE Diva Nidia Guenard into the company. If she does end up joining the company, they’d pair her up with the Latin American Exchange. They want a Hispanic woman that can speak the Spanish language. Nidia was born in Puerto Rico. There is no word at the moment in regards to how she feels about the inquiry.

It be noted that this all hinges on what Nidia wants to do — the ball’s in her court. TNA has been interested in bringing her into the company since 2005, but she hasn’t shown much interest in joining them. It’s nothing personal, she’s just pretty much moved on from pro wrestling to start a family. She gave birth to a baby girl back in April, so that would obviously be her top priority. She was said to be living in Italy, but apparently she’s since moved back to Houston, Texas.

If things don’t work out between TNA and Nidia, TNA’s second option for the role is none othar than former WWE Diva Shelly “Ariel” Martinez. However, Nidia is their first choice for the role. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see as to how this plays out.

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