TNA Meets With Fox Executives, TNA Tent Show Tour, The Bashams

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter met with some Fox Network executives on 6/6 in Los Angeles. A return to Fox Sports Net would be a gigantic step backwards, so it likely wasn’t that. MyNetwork TV is owned by Fox, so it likely had something to do with that station. MyNetwork TV has already released their fall schedule, but at this point, IFL’s financial stability and ability to last the year is very much in question. Another issue regarding a possible move is that Spike will be around for years to come. On the otherhand, there is pressure on MyNetwork TV to get the ratings up, or else the network will be shut down sooner rather than later. Ratings for the network’s shows have been disappointing since its launch last fall.

Tickets for TNA’s tent show tour from 6/21 to 6/24 haven’t sold too well. The shows in Cape Cod, Cohasset, Twin Rivers and Hampton all had plenty of ringside seats in the first six rows available as of last weekend. WWE used to hold tent shows, and they often sold out. It is believed that WWE didn’t put in a bid to host the shows this year, and somehow TNA found out and got the deal.

Both Doug Basham and Damaja now have pages on MySpace. Doug Basham’s page is at Damaja’s page is at

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