Wrestling Diva Arrested For DUI, Gail Kim-WWE, Damian Demento Resurfaces

— Rebecca Treston (a.k.a. Becky Bayless) – a well known women’s wrestler on the independent circuit – was arrested on Thursday, August 21 at 2:43 a.m. for Driving under the influence with a 0.21 blood alcohol level (significantly above the 0.08 legal limit).

Treston was booked into a Tampa jail at 4:04 a.m. She was released on $500 bond later in the day.

Alongside Daffney and Amber O’Neal, Bayless appeared as a candidate for Awesome Kong’s $25,000 Fan Challenge on the June 5, 2008 edition of TNA Impact.

You can see Treston’s mugshot and police report at this link.

The Sun has an article on Gail Kim re-joining World Wrestling Entertainment. They wrote: “FORMER TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim has sensationally quit the promotion – and is almost certainly heading back to the WWE. Several sources close to the situation claim Vince McMahon will re-hire his former women’s title holder to beef up the group’s depleted female roster.” {Vince McMahon brings Kim in}

— Former WWE star Damian Demento has resurfaced online. He has a page on MySpace, which you can access at www.myspace.com/dementedbydesign. As of late he’s been on a crusade to stop blading in professional wrestling. He wrote a blog saying he was going to hand out a flier at tonight’s WWE show at Madison Square Garden in hope of bringing attention to the matter. Demento wrote: “This sick practice has to stop. It can no longer be ignored. When wrestling promoters and writers tell the public that these injuries came the “hard way” (unintentional), they’re lying! Most are blade jobs. They’re just trying to maintain an old industry secret. This has to stop being performed in front of children! It has to stop it now!”

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