WWE House Show Results (08/01/08) – Springfield, Illinois

Reader Seth Dunas sent in the following report:

The show gets started by Howard Finkel addressing and working the crowd, reminding them to buy SummerSlam on August 17th. He then lets the crowd know they will be involved in tonight’s show. Up in the crowd, Jillian Hall (who was hostess for the evening) asks a young fan where WrestleMania was held this year and the fan and his father for answering correctly get ringside seats for the show.

Kofi Kingston d. Paul Burchill (w/Katie Lea) Intercontinental Title Match

Snitsky d. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
(Rather boring match, pretty predictable)

Lance Cade d. Paul London
(Cade did some mic work doing his talk about Chris Jericho)

Mickie James d. Beth Phoenix (Women’s Title Match)
(Mickie was accompanied to the ring with another young fan who Jillian had selected from the crowd earlier to be guest manager.)

After this match Santino came down and did some mic work, about how he and Beth could get past the “disruption” of the kisses the last few weeks on Raw. Something about each of them touching their fists together. Beth remained ringside for Santino’s match.

D’Lo Brown d. Santino

(Beth Phoenix carried Santino over her shoulder away from ringside in one the funniest spots of the whole evening)

Jillian once again is in the crowd and selects a young fan to be Guest bell ringer. Jillian then gets in the ring to and as her way to thank the fans for a great evening, she sings for us, which only last a few seconds as Kane’s music begins)

Batista d. Kane

(The Fink informs the crowd before the match,by orders of new RAW GM Mike Adamle this will be a Handicap Match)
John Cena d. DiBiase & Rhodes (Handicap Match)

After the match Cryme Tyme hit the ring and Cena hit STFU on DiBiase Jr.

CM Punk d. Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Title match-No DQ as voted by fans via text vote)

(Before the match, Lance Cade who had accompanied Y2J to the ring, once again works the mic and then gives it to Jericho who works the crowd for a good 5 minutes about HBK and how he (Jericho) has brainwashed the fans.)

Overall a very good show.

Biggest Pops:
John Cena (HUGE)
Mickie James
CM Punk

Biggest Heat:
Lance Cade
Chris Jericho

Reader Bob Scott sent in the following report:

Here are quick results from last night’s WWE Raw house show in Springfield, Illinois:

Kofi Kingston def. Paul Burchill

Snitsky def Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Cade def. Paul London

Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix

D’Lo Brown def. Santino

Batista def. Kane with a spear.

John Cena def. Rhodes and Dibiase Jr. Rhodes tapped. After the match Cryme Tyme hit the ring and Cena hit STFU on Dibiase Jr.

CM Punk def. Y2J in a no DQ match voted on my the fans.

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