WWE RAW Preview (1/14/08): Southern Roots

From WWE.com:

When Raw travels south to Mobile, Ala., this week, Jeff Hardy will have family on his mind. Last week, Hardy proved that his Royal Rumble challenger, Randy Orton, may have gotten under his skin when he assaulted his brother, Matt, but he didn’t get inside his head. The “Rainbow-haired Warrior” defeated Umaga in a Steel Cage Match as the WWE Champion looked on. What other dirty tricks does Orton have up his sleeve for his opponent? What will Hardy do to get back at the man who went after his brother?

In other action, Triple H brutalized William Regal last week in a First Blood Match for helping to put him out of the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for the Raw General Manager, The Game appears to be on a mission and may not be finished getting even with him just yet. Just how much more punishment can a frustrated Triple H dole out?

The rivalry between Chris Jericho and JBL also continued to gather steam last week when the Lonestar Loudmouth interfered in their Handicap Match as Jericho tangled with Snitsky. JBL ruthlessly attacked Y2J by dragging him on the floor with a TV cable. Has JBL’s loathing for Jericho blinded him with rage? Just how will Y2J exact his revenge?

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