Bianca Belair Explains Where EST Comes From, On Who Came Up With Her Hair Weapon

Bianca Belair recently spoke with where she discussed the origins of EST and who created the idea to use her hair as a weapon.

On what EST means:

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“I actually pulled it from my real childhood. As a child I was always naturally very athletic, naturally smart and did well in school and every sport that I did,” Belair said. “And a lot of times, people would tell me that I was showing off or that I think I was better than everyone else. So when I was young I would make myself smaller so I wouldn’t stand out. I would pretend I couldn’t do five pull ups in gym class so people wouldn’t think I was trying to be better than them. I pulled from that to turn it into Bianca Belair, someone who doesn’t do that. I shine, I’m good, I have no problem telling you I’m better, faster, stronger than you, and it’s up to you to deal with it.”

On Sara Amato coming up with the hair whip:

“I was like ‘What?’ So I tried to hit her, and I didn’t think much of it, but it started from there. I was in the ring with Ruby Riott, and I hit her and it made this loud noise. That was the first time that I realized that this can be a threat in the ring, and I can use it to my advantage.”

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