Linda Hogan Accuses Hulk Hogan of “Financial Treachery” & Hiding His Assets

Linda Bollea, AKA Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of former WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan is accusing the Hulkster of concealing his assets, and is demanding for him to pay her 40% of his earnings, as is reported by

Linda says that Hulk Hogan agreed to this arrangement in court in their divorce settlement, and that he follow suit or he will be held in contempt in court.

Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea were married for 23 years but split in 2007 and Linda was awarded 70% of their liquid assets plus properties worth $3m in divorce. She was also handed an ongoing 40% share in the revenue from Hogan’s businesses, but is now claiming “financial treachery” and that Hogan is refusing to pay.

In legal documents filed in Tampa, Florida, on Friday, the 58-year-old demanded revenues from seven different companies registered to Hogan and accused him of attempting to conceal his earnings. Four of the companies are registered in Florida and include TGB Management LLC and TGB Transportation while the remaining three, among them Hogan Holdings LLC, are listed in Nevada.

Her lawyer, Raymond Rafool of Miami, Florida, slammed the 64-year-old for failing to hand over the cash and described his behavior as ‘wrong and unjust’.

“It is indeed a shame that Hulk Hogan once again will not honor the divorce agreement he made with Ms. Bollea,” he said, “Linda fulfilled and fulfills her obligations and exchanged assets and rights in return for Hulk’s compliance. Hulk Hogan’s breaches are wrong and unjust. He needs to do as he agreed and pay Linda what she is owed.”

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