WWE Mixed Match Challenge Week 3 Recap: Rusev & Lana Struggle w/ “Milwaukee”, Updated Standings & More

WWE Mixed Match Challenge continued with week three on Facebook Watch this Tuesday night, with two big intergender matches from both the Raw and Smackdown Live brands as per usual.

On the Raw side of things, the unlikely pairing of Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox continued to struggle to get on the same page. Apparently there isn’t enough “Shanti” in the universe to deal with Foxy’s craziness, and her constant bickering with Sunil Singh isn’t helping matters any.

Jinder actually managed to put in a ton of offense for his team this time around, showing why he is in fact a former WWE Champion. It’s his teammates that are the problem, as more miscommunication led to Finn Balor taking out the lot with a huge tope con hilo. Bayley planted Fox with a Bayley-to-Belly in the end to score the pin and put her team on the board.

Here’s the updated Raw standings:

Strowman & Moon: 1-0Lashley & James: 1-0Balor & Bayley: 1-0Owens & Natalya 0-1Mahal & Fox 0-2

On the Smackdown side, Rusev and Lana attempted to move past all the “Milwaukee” drama by facing off against fellow married couple, Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

Things started lighthearted enough, as both the men and women engaged in a fun dance-off, letting a whole different kind of “moves” do the talking. The Bulgarian Brute even attempted to pay tribute to Pappa Uso, the great Rikishi, but instead used the opportunity to take out Jimmy with a superkick and get the action started.

It looked like Ravishing Rusev Day was headed towards a dominant victory, but the Usos outsmarted them by baiting Lana into a blind rage by bringing up the whole “Milwaukee” scandal. Lana went after Jimmy on the apron, but the distraction was exactly what Naomi needed to roll her up and score the win.

Here’s the updated Smackdown standings:

Styles & Flair: 1-0Miz & Asuka: 1-0Uso & Naomi: 1-1Truth & Carmella: 0-1Rusev & Lana: 0-1

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