WWE Posts Full 2011 Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Ligero vs Travis Banks UK Tournament Bout (Videos)

WWE has released the full 2011 Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring the superstars of the Smackdown Live brand facing off for a future opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You can watch it above.

The bout was won by Daniel Bryan, who would go on to cash-in his briefcase on Big Show to win his first major world title with the company. Cody Rhodes (now a major star with ROH), Justin Gabriel (now with Lucha Underground), Wade Barrett (now the GM of DEFIANT), Kane (now a mayoral candidate) as well as Heath Slater, Sheamus and Sin Cara all competed in the bout, on the same night most famously known for CM Punk defeating John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

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WWE has released the full first round match between Travis Banks and Ligero from the WWE UK Championship Tournament, taped last weekend at the Download Festival. Banks, from New Zealand, won the bout and will advance to the quarterfinals round to face England’s Ashton Smith on Monday at Royal Albert Hall.