WWE Reportedly Set To Have No More WWE Raw Overruns

As has been first reported by Fightful.com, it appears that overruns of WWE Raw are to be a thing of the past, with the show now set to be just three hours moving forward.

The report states that, as is the case for WWE SmackDown Live, WWE Raw will now have a hard “out” time of 11 PM EST, meaning the show must be finished and will go off the air by that time, starting from next week’s episode.

This will be the first time since the 1990’s that WWE has been given a hard time for its flagship show, with the company previously enjoying a soft end time, meaning the show could have overrun which it tends to do by around 15 minutes.

WWE Raw over running was something that began during the Monday Night Wars when the two companies would battle it out in order to gain views by changing the time of the show ever so slightly. The company currently uses it simply as part of the show now and is there if anything overruns on the show.

The report states that this is likely a decision made by the USA Network rather than WWE itself, but is likely something that fans won’t complain about too much, with the show already going on for three hours as it stands.

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