WWE SummerSlam Results (8/19): Numerous Titles Change Hands, The Demon Returns, AJ Styles Snaps, More!

August 19th , 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWresting.com



Aiden English is insisting that he is going to go out to the ring with Rusev, but Rusev convinces him that this is about he and Lana, not Aiden English. He tells him to stay in the back.


It looks like Rusev is going to start the match with Almas, and we get a collar & elbow tie up and Almas gets out and taunts Rusev. Rusev and Lana taunt back Almas & Vega, much to the chagrin of Almas. Rusev charges at Almas, but Almas moves out of the way, and Rusev hits the ring post shoulder first, and Almas is now focusing on the shoulder of Rusev. He begins to wrench on the arm, and Rusev fights back, but Rusev is met with a knee to the midsection.

Rusev reverses and attempts a suplex, but Almas floats over and lands on the middle turnbuckle. He goes for a reverse DDT, but Rusev slips out and tags in Lana. Vega makes her way into the ring and she starts to lift Lana and slams her in the mat. Zelina Vega gets up and attempts a kick, but Lana catches it and puts her to the mat face first. Almas gets up to the apron to distract Lana, which allows Vega to roll Lana up and pick up the victory.

Winners: Andrade “CIen” Almas & Zelina Vega


Cedric backs up Gulak into the corner, but Gulak pushes him off. Cedric dares Gulak to come at him, and he does, but Cedric pushes Drew into the corner. Collar & Elbow tie up, which ends with Gulak pushing Cedric down to the mat. Cedric attempts to turn that into a leg scissors, but Gulak attempts a Gulock, but Cedric slips out and out of the ring.

Cedric tries to get back in the ring, but Gulak cuts him off at the pass and kicks him in the leg which has the champ in trouble. Gulak quickly puts on a rear chin lock, slowing down the pace of the champion. He turns that chin lock into an elevated one, shades of Gory Guerrero, and Cedric is trying to get out. He uses his momentum to flip over Gulak, but he’s met with a chop for his troubles. Alexander hits Gulak with a kick and then follows it up with a European uppercut before jumping on him and hitting Gulak with right hands. Gulak locks in the Gu-Lock again, but Cedric slips out and hits Gulak with a back elbow. Gulak hulks up and grabs the face of Alexander before hitting him with a massive right hand.

The two go for a combination of reversals for roll ups back and forth until Cedric Alexander finally gets a deep roll up to pick up the victory.

Winner AND STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander


Bo Dallas starts the match with Scott Dawson. Bo Dallas gets a headlock on Dawson, but Wilder tags himself in. Dallas goes into the ring post and Curtis Axel runs in to help out, but he gets a Shatter Machine for his trouble.

Dash and Dawson start to work on the leg of Bo Dallas and they are dominating. Dallas is in pain, while Dash & Dawson employ frequent tags. Dallas sends Dawson into the ring post, while Curtis Axel slowly pulls himself to the apron. Axel finally makes it back in after a tag and he goes crazy on Dawson, knocking him down. Dash Wilder attempts a distraction, allowing Scott Dawson to Roll up Curtis Axel, but Dallas tries to take down WIlder, but he bounces off the ropes and clumsily goes into Dawson, which switches the pin, and Dawson gets pinned by Axel.

Winners AND STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: B-Team

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